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School, College and Hostels Internet Access, Bandwidth Shaping, Hotspot Management and User Log Reports Solutions

Broadband connectivity is changing the way students learn and educators teach. New technologies make connecting your campus easier and more affordable than ever. Universities often have numerous issues with their equipment and technologies provided by multiple manufacturers, creating a Frankenstein network. Campus wireless networks are frequently down, equipment management is complicated, different systems do not talk to each other and in some places the network does not exist at all. University campuses are often geographically large areas and require wireless networks that are both powerful and reliable. Our solutions enable students in crowded academic environments to improve collaboration and learning while supporting the proliferation of personal mobile devices using a robust Wi-Fi network.

Most students like to carry 3-4 devices with them like mobile, tablets, laptops, ipods etc. with them to campus. As these devices devour bandwidth, colleges and universities are struggling hard to keep up with the bandwidth demand. Educational campuses have major requirements of user access control, control over bandwidth consumption, and differentiated policy control for management faculty’s access and student’s access. We have solutions utilising both wired and wireless internet access allowing seamless roaming facility to access internet from class room to library to labs and residential areas.

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