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*The actual speeds will vary depending on various factors such as location, equipment, internet site and internet traffic


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THE FINE PRINT : Nextel Voice Pty Ltd does not guarantee the Churn or installation dates nominated in this document, which may be subject to resources availability, availability of other suppliers and contractors, building managers, site conditions, and other delays which are outside the control of Nextel Voice Pty Ltd . Full terms available at

For Business Fibre customers :

  • Fibre to the premise services require a 240 volt power supply. In the event of a power outage, your service will not work unless you maintain a back-up battery.
  • If you take up a Business Fibre service, you will not be able to move back to a copper service.
  • If you are changing Fibre providers you will need to cancel the encumbant service yourself.
  • Business Fibre is provided to the Optical Network Termination Unit (ONTU), you may need to undertake your own additional work to make other points in the premises fibre-ready. A standard installation of the fibre to the premise equipment is included
  • Information available to Nextel Voice Pty Ltd indicates that you are eligible to receive the service now or in the near future. In the event that this changes we would notify you by phone



Battery back up systems can operate NBN services for a limited period of up to 5 hours in the event of a power failure or the power is turned off. There is no extra cost for the installation, however you acknowledge it is your responsibility to maintain the battery facility with your NBN connection. Examples of items that may not be supported by battery backup include cordless phone, medical alarms, security alarms and gateway/modems

During a power outage, any NBN-based services, including telephone & data will not operate. No emergency calls over the NBN can be placed during a power failure. It is your responsibility to have an alternative means of contacting someone in case of an emergency, such as a charged mobile phone.


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