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Pit Pipe Hauling

Optic fibre cable hauling and installation projects in the telecommunications industry is one of our many strengths.

We have developed strong working relationships with several high profile telecommunications companies and Federal Government organisations. We can handle all aspects of some of the largest optic fibre cable hauling projects. We value these relationships, which are vital to ensure we complete projects to the highest standard possible.

Civil Construction

Nextel has highly experienced civil teams that install underground infrastructure for both the telecommunications and electrical industries, along with extensive experience in general civil and concreting works. We have an all-terrain horizontal directional drill team with experience in telecommunication and electrical, infrastructure installation. We undertake a variety of civil construction works to a range of large clients. Nextel has conducted both large and small projects in pipe, pit, conduit, and manhole installation and maintenance for both new and existing public areas including heritage areas, around tree roots and tree lines.

Pit and Pipe Installation

Pit and Pipe construction is the installation of conduits and pipes through a series of pits and are required in order to connect telecommunications to your home, building or estate. Nextel provide a comprehensive Pit and Pipe installation service including trenching and labour to carry out your task/project requirements. Pit and Pipe work is often also conducted on existing infrastructure to maintain its integrity or repair any damages that may occur.

Installation of conduits:

  • Communications
  • Electrical

Cable Hauling (Copper & Fibre)

In today’s fast growing and expanding telecommunications network, Cable Hauling plays an important role in the installation and integration of new and existing infrastructure. Nextel has experience in both Copper and Fibre hauling installation.

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Standards and SepcificationStandards and Specification:

Complete site installation in accordance with relevant standards, codes, and legislation, with all tools, equipment, and clothing used safely in line with manufacturers’ specifications


Observe local environment before, during, and after reinstatement is completed appropriately

Erect safety barriers for excavationSafety:

Erect safety barriers for excavation


Select, construct and install pit and pipe and conduit to specification and manufactures’ requirements

Site Plan DocumentationSite Plan Documentation:

Free pipe and conduit internal surfaces from impediments, and seal pipe entry into enclosure against ingress from foreign matter, Restore site and complete documentation