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^ $2.95


SIP Channel Rental $12.95
Local Calls 8 cents flat
Mobile Calls 13 cents per minute timed
National Calls 6 cents per minute timed
13/1300 Calls 35 cents flat
IDD As tarriffed


Please use the section below if you would like to nominate representatives who can access your account.

I authorise the nominated individual/s below to have the following access level on the account


As the Legal Lessee or duly authorised representative for the service numbers listed in this application, I/we hereby apply for Nextel Voice Pty Ltd supplied through network operators (“Carriers”) nominated by Nextel Voice Pty Ltd and I/we agree that Nextel Voice Pty Ltd may change Carriers at any time without reference to me. I/We hereby authorise Nextel Voice Pty Ltd to notify any relevant Carrier to act any such changes, including authority to change Carriers by pre-selection. I/We acknowledge that I/We remain connected to my existing services until Nextel Voice Pty Ltd services have been activated. The Applicant acknowledges that such services will only be provided after acceptance of this application by Nextel Voice Pty Ltd and in particular following credit checks.

The Applicant understands and agrees to the Nextel Voice Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that Nextel Voice Pty Ltd Services will be provided in accordance with the Nextel Voice Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions which the applicant has read and understood. I/We agree to Nextel Voice Pty Ltd obtaining from a credit reporting agency a report containing personal credit information in relation to personal or commercial credit provided by Nextel Voice Pty Ltd, or otherwise as set out in Nextel Voice Pty Ltd Service Terms and Conditions. I consent to the above email address and my personal information being used The Applicant by its duly authorised officer, attests to understanding and accepting the Nextel Voice Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE PURCHASER - You have a right to cancel this agreement within 10 days from and including the day after you signed/received this Customer Agreement. Important details about your additional rights to cancel this agreement are set out in the Cancellation Notice/information provided with this document. The Total Minimum Consideration Payable for this Agreement is the total of the Total Minimum Payable for the Agreement Term, for each service type. I acknowledge that the Minimum Payable amounts shown for each service type may be subject to a bundled services over term. In the event that an eligible bundled service is cancelled, standard pricing will apply to remaining services. For details of any applicable Early Termination Fees, please see the Rate Sheet enclosed with this agreement or contact Customer Service.


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