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sip trunking

Amplify your communications with NEXTEL SIP trunking.

Expanded capabilities for existing phone systems through SIP trunking service.
Running a business is about your ability to minimise costs, as much as it is about making sales. With most businesses using only 30-40% of their phone lines at any time, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs like you often look at communications when it’s time to cut back on costs. But how do you trim your expenses without decreasing your availability over the phone? Simple– through an NEXTEL SIP trunking service.


Cost Effective
Competitive call rates and free calling between remote offices make the change to SIP from traditional telephony a sure way to slash your phone bill.

It allows for the setup of a number of reliability measures including mobile failovers and hosting the SIP trunks across multiple servers.

No Physical Infrastructure
Expanding existing infrastructure no longer needs to be a costly and long process as it removes the need for physical phone lines.

It opens up the possibility of fully utilizing the extensive features available in unified communications suites.

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SIP trunking flexibility

Enjoy complete flexibility by configuring your call redirection to fit your needs.

SIP trunking service

This service is offered with no minimum term and no lock-in contracts required.

SIP trunking Upgrade or downgrade

Upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime, at no added cost.

SIP trunking DIDs

Each plan comes with a specified number of DIDs. Additional numbers can be purchased for a low monthly charge.

SIP trunking  flag fall

No additional charges for flag fall or call connection costs.

SIP trunking monthly service

Cut down your monthly phone bill with free calls between extensions on the same Nextel account.

SIP trunking VoIP

Transfer your existing phone number (regular landline or VoIP) to your SIP trunking service.