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Traditionally phone calls are made over the old copper network – this has been gradually replaced with fibre and we are now using the internet to make phone calls. The technical term for this is IP Communications, or what you might heard of before is ‘VoIP’ (Voice over Internet Protocol).

To make VoIP calls as an idividual you don’t need a whole system to do that, just an internet connection and apps specifically designed for it, however for businesses where multiple phone lines and extra call features are required for your business to thrive … not all IP connections are made equally—things like security and reliability really set different systems apart.

Nextel Business Net phone (VoIP) is suitable for small businesses who have existing hardware. If you are a larger business, it may be worth looking at our SIP Trunking service.

Cloud-based phone systems connect VoIP with PBX infrastructure. PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange” and these systems allow, redirect, send and make sure call traffic is managed seamlessly.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. At Nextel our qualified staff can find you the right Internet plan to meet your needs. We can also review your call patterns and spend to determine whether VoIP is the right solution for you.

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3-Way Calling
It allows you to chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time. You can even place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other.

Call Forwarding Always
Redirect all your calls to another destination. Just specify a forwarding number when you activate. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding Busy
Use Call Forwarding Busy to redirect incoming calls when you’re already on the line. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding No Answer
This feature redirects calls when an incoming call is not answered within eight rings. Standard call charges apply.

Calling Line ID Inbound & Outbound
You can see who’s calling you, and have the option to hide your number when making calls.

Call Return
Call Return lets you contact your most recent caller, regardless of whether you answered their call.

Call Waiting
If you’re already on a call, Call Waiting lets you know when someone else is trying to get through. You can place your conversation on hold to answer the second incoming call.

Do Not Disturb
Set your line to busy or have the incoming call forwarded to voice mail as desired.

Voice Mail
Set up your own answering service for when you can’t pick up a call. This service comes with free Voice Mail support and a Voice Messaging to Email feature for when you need a copy of the recorded message. Standard call charges apply.